The Importance Of Measurement Of Research Experiments In Psychology

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hile utilizing a multiple baseline approach, it is essential for the baseline data to be consecutively stable over three data points. Roger’s baseline data ranged from 0% to 10%, without being equal over three data points. Dylan’s baseline data remained consistent over three data points between observations 1 to 3; however, baseline data continued to be collected and varied between 0% to 15% over 3 observations. Measurement of Research Variables Constant variables. One constant variable that was mentioned by the authors was that both participants are preschool-aged students diagnosed ASD. Their age did not change throughout the course of the study; however, the severity of the participant’s ASD was not identified in this article. The…show more content…
Negative behaviors with peers were also not counted as social engagement with peers. Before baseline data could be collected, video footage of Roger and Dylan engaging in social interactions with their classmates was collected two weeks prior. The video recording took place over the course of 3 days and 1 hour and 30 minutes of footage was collected. The participants were often prompted by their teacher to engage in positive social interactions with their peers. Later, the videos were edited so that prompting and all inappropriate, negative, and ineffectual behavior was removed. The result was three video clips approximately 2 minutes long were produced for each participant. The editing was done by a member of the research team. Baseline data for Roger was taken for 4 sessions before the independent variable was introduced and baseline data for Dylan consisted of 6 sessions before the independent variable was introduced. The intervention phase should begin once 3 baseline data points are stabilized; however, the researchers started the intervention phase before a true stable baseline was reached for both participants due to an effort to complete the intervention phase before the participant’s went on winter break. During this phase, baseline data was collected during a 30-minute observational period of the participants during “free-play”. During the intervention phase, data was recorded for the presence or absence of unprompted
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