The Importance Of Media Piracy

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Media Piracy is a major issue in the world today, involving all kinds of people from all reaches of the world. Canada and the US take different approaches to combat piracy, Canada’s method is superior with a focus on preventative measures as opposed to criminal enforcement. Preventative measures mean that a crime can be prevented or stopped before its even committed. Using this argument, the investment into preventative measures would mean less crimes are committed which, in turn is more beneficial to society and the budget of the government than pursuing a route of discipline. The United States’ approach involves tracking those who have committed the crime and punishing them. Net neutrality also plays a big part in the fight to battle piracy, with both countries taking interest in the idea of ending net neutrality.

What exactly is media piracy? The definition of Piracy is “The unauthorized use of another’s production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright” (Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary online, 2017) In this digital day and age, gone are the days where the majority of people pirating media are “ripping” blank CD’s or making physical copies of movies, almost all of it is digital. Digital piracy is slightly different, and by definition is “The act of reproducing, using, or distributing information products, in digital formats and/or using digital technologies, without the authorization of their legal owners.” (Belle flame & Peitz.) How
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