The Importance Of Meditation And Mental Health

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Begin meditating for 10 minutes a day Start by enhancing your ability to focus. The scientifically proven way to improve your focus and therefore your ability to have more willpower is through meditation. Research to the benefits of meditation and mental health is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a study saying meditation is negative for you. It isn’t even just the positive impact on your mental strength – studies have shown meditation to be beneficial for your physical health as well. Meditating can provide you with more energy, which is useful for your mental strength as well. When you have energy, you are more able to make good decisions and have the mental and physical strength to keep moving forward.…show more content…
If so, how? For instance, you might be fretting over your big garden party coming up this weekend and you’ll start feeling the panic over the weather forecast. They say it’s going to rain and you can’t stop thinking about it. Now, consider this: • Can you stop the rain from happening? No, so you shouldn’t waste energy on feeling sorry for yourself and the guests if it rains. • Can you ensure you don’t need to party in the rain? Yes, you can have a Plan B in place. • What is the Plan B? The solution could be to simply rearrange the party or organise it inside the house. So, when a problem or negative feeling/event occurs in your life follow the pattern: Can you control it? If not, stop thinking about it and if yes, focus on the solution. Replace negative thoughts with productive thoughts Similarly to the above exercise of cutting thoughts on things that aren’t under your control, you also need to start replacing negative thoughts with productive thoughts. Having to organise your garden party indoors can be a bummer, but it’s just a negative way of viewing it. A more productive way is to think how to turn it into a success indoors – focusing your energy on making use of things instead of just complaining about them. We all fall to negative thinking – we do it because it’s easy. It’s so much easier to sit grumpily at the train station’s café and whine about the delays than going out to figure an alternative route. Next time you notice a
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