The Importance Of Meeting The Needs Of A Minority Group

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sole purpose of meeting the needs of a minority group. Tuskegee University, the first black college, did such a thing (Booker, G.). However, with the increase of education catering and specializing to students of minorities, the way subjects were taught had to change as well. Overall, secondary education played a major role in how America developed. Education is the foundation on how a society learns and operates. From humble beginnings when only the elite, white males were able to obtain an education to when schools were provided for each child, even when the child was of a minority. When schools began to work as a free public institution that was mandatory. Without an education system, individuals would not be able to obtain work, read the bible, or be able to provide a life for themselves or their families. Women and minorities had a harder time getting the rights to obtain the same education as their counterparts, and still face that struggle to this day. Colleges and universities began to transform to the institutions that we know them as today. Education began as just a local woman teaching reading in her home. It grew to women taking several children as a time and taking payment, creating a somewhat private institution. Then the creation of a fixed curriculum within the school system and the first secondary institute, the Boston Latin School, which still stands to this day. The creation of colleges and universities to even further the educational opportunity
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