The Importance Of Memory : Importance Of Memory

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The Importance of Memory
Memory plays a significant role in a person 's everyday life. Actions and emotions are based on the memories that are stored in a person 's head. People then act in certain ways because of the thoughts that run around within their brains. These thoughts are born from the memories of past experiences and a person can recognize the emotions they felt when they were in a certain situation. Without these memoires, people would not know how to react under certain circumstances. For instance, if someone gets hurt when they touch a hot surface, their memory of the pain keeps them from wanting to touch it again. Emotions within the brain work the same way, a person experiences something that makes them feel a certain
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It connects to the feeling of revenge, which ultimately convinces people to act in harsh manners with little sympathy for the effects of their actions. Revenge is mostly acted upon in hopes of making a person feel the same pain that haunts their heart every time the memories of a missing loved one comes to mind. Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility, is one of the many characters in Greek mythology that allows the pain she feels to consume her sympathy for others.
Now when they finished the temple and refrained from labor, each man went to his home, but blond Demeter, sitting there apart from all the blessed ones, kept on waiting with longing for her deep-girded daughter.
Onto the much-nourishing earth she brought a year most dreadful and harsh for men; no seed in the earth sprouted, for fair-wreathed Demeter concealed it.
(H. H. Dem., 301-07,p.)

Demeter sought revenge on everyone for the pain her memories of Persephone were causing her. Not only did she make the humans suffer because there was no food for them to eat, but the gods were also suffering because the humans were so hungry that they did not have the strength to entertain them or provide sacrifices in their honor. Demeter’s memories of her missing daughter filled her heart with pain. The plot of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter was centered around this entire situation. A theme to this myth is to show that the gods and goddesses could also be imprisoned by the loneliness
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