The Importance Of Men And Women Spies During The American Civil War

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Karissa Gilmore
Prof. Froese
Hist. 12
The Importance of Men and Women Spies in the American Civil War

The American Civil War started because the North and the South disagreed on the main issue of slavery and lasted for four years. They could not agree whether to prohibit slavery in territories that had not become states yet. After the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the Southern states had a major conflict with Lincoln becoming president and seven slave states succeeded from the Union and made the Confederate States of America. The Union refused to recognize the southern states in that way. Lincoln declared these acts to be illegal and asked Congress for 500,000 soldiers to conquer what was threatened to be an
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Woman were easily trusted and were looked at as non-threatening. Men dominated the Civil War. Women were not as praised as men to fight the war and because of that it helped women become undetected as spies. Men would go to dinner parties at women’s houses and the women would secretly gather information and hid it in their hoop skirts. When giving messages to their side, some spies would code them or write in invisible ink, using letters and numbers. The messages usually contained enemy plans and movements, their supplies, troop size, and where their forts were. Messages and contraband were usually hid in their clothing or large metal buttons. Medical supplies were one of the most important things to smuggle over enemy lines. The Confederate hospitals were in dire need of supplies. Emeline Pigott was a Confederate spy from North Carolina who gathered military information by entertaining Union officials at dinner parties in her own home. She hid critical papers and smuggled, ammunition and medicine in the crease of her bulky skirts, which she later gave to the local rebels. She strived to help the Confederate cause. When the love of her life died, she went home to grieve but found out the Yankees were occupying the whole area. That was when she gathered more intelligence about the Northern blockade ships in the port. She carried letters and other items from

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