The Importance Of Middle School

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Many students worry about how their middle school years will go. Middle school is a very important part of a student’s education. Middle school is their initiation into high school and could really impact their future. Many elementary school students think that they are prepared and can do well in middle school, but many are not ready. Also, students who do not do well in middle school tend to not do well in high school. One lesson I would like to teach elementary school students is how to survive middle school, which is important because it will lead them to a better future by being prepared, managing time, and knowing how to problem solve. When starting middle school, many students are not prepared. This can lead to many things, but mostly negative impacts on their academics. The first way to survive middle school is to be prepared. The first thing in being prepared is to have the necessary materials for school. If students want to do well, then they must have all of the following materials. The most important materials are pencils. Students should not bring only one pencil because they do not know if anything will happen to it. Students should always have at least three sharpened pencils and at least one eraser. Make sure that if people ask to borrow a pencil, students have a pencil for them to use and also, that the borrower returns it. Another important material students should have is paper. This could be useful in many ways. The first reason it is handy for students
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