The Importance Of Migration To Louisiana

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Society has fallen, and we must leave the dead zone. Grimm Territory is risky to go into. Because of the rising sea level, many areas are out of the picture. After much consideration, we decided to got to Louisiana. We decided to Louisiana because it is a safe distance from the dead zone, it has fertile soil, and has plenty of resources to live off of. Louisiana’s nutrient rich soil can be used in farming, and farming is a reliable source of food. We put our crops near the lake so the plants get plenty of water to grow. Our Main crops will be corn, tomatoes, and potatoes. Then gradually we start increasing the size of our production in crops and we begin growing different crops, such as wheat, and cotton. To prevent wild animals from feeding…show more content…
It's next to 2 lakes and a forest so we can get lumber to construct houses, and plenty of water for drinking and fishing. We chose the location because it is moderately far away from the dead zone, and contains many resources. To travel there we will stock up on water and food to last for the entire trip and use transportation that we can support with us with or not. We will go straight toward and go around physical obstacles in our way. Eventually we will arrive to our destination and set up our town. We will also grab supplies such as tools, tents, and more to start off in building our town and to have a place to sleep so we won't become unprepared. West Louisiana contains many animals for meat, such as bears, rabbits, and more. Fertile land is very plentiful so we can create farms. Resources to make machinery and such is decent in this state. Salt is very common as well as soil in this state so we can mine it and use it as food and trade. Oil is in the state as well and we can mine it and use it as fuel for lighting and such. Fossil fuel will be used to run machinery and we can use it to make transport. In conclusion, Louisiana is our best option. It has many resources, it is a reasonable distance from the dead zone, and it has rich, fertile soil. With this we can create our society and become a large civilization in
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