The Importance Of Military Service In The Military

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Veterans’ hard-won experience may no longer mean the difference between life and death on the battlefield, but it can be tapped to keep a business alive and thriving. As civilians, veterans can turn service skills into a competitive advantage in the business world.

Each year over 200,000 men and women return home from active duty with the hope of rejoining the civilian workforce. Some transition to large corporate settings where it can be difficult to adapt their service experience into a lasting career, while others follow the route of small business owner or entrepreneur. About a quarter of transitioning veterans aspire to start a company, but only 4% have the capital or an established support network to move ahead. As a result, the number of new entrepreneurs that are veterans slipped (pdf, p. 89) to 5.6% in 2014 from 12.3% two decades earlier. It’s important that policymakers and private organization help veterans apply the skills learned in the military to succeed as business owners or entrepreneurs. By doing so, it can help lift the small business sector higher—a pivotal engine of growth in the United States.

Many have started to recognize that military training emphasizes the same traits as a successful business owner. Through their service, soldiers learn to manage risk, operate under pressure, and work well within teams, all while staying resilient. A business operates in a similar fashion, where success is determined by finding solutions to unknown problems. When a new market opportunity arises, founders must have the confidence and knowledge to address an unmet need before its competition. If they can’t, then the business won’t succeed, but a mistake on the battlefield can have have life threatening consequences. This ability to adapt to high-risk situations in the midst of battle puts business failure into perspective for many veterans.

Meanwhile, the veteran community has proven they can accomplish a lot with limited resources and changing schedules—invaluable skills for owners and entrepreneurs seeking funding. What’s more, vets are time-tested leaders and come from mission-oriented backgrounds. Having a goal-directed mentality as an entrepreneur is crucial to scaling a business and reaching
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