The Importance Of Monitoring And Assessment For Students Learning Essay

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SC3 Demonstrated capacity to monitor and assess student learning data and to use this data to inform teaching for improved student learning. Assessment is a crucial part of the teaching and learning process as it provides teachers with the evidence that is required to inform the direction and implementation of the curriculum. By upholding ongoing assessment and monitoring, students have the advantage of working in an environment that is tailored to their individual learning needs which in turn promotes students’ self-confidence and encourages students to strive for excellence. The following evidence outlines my ability to use monitoring and assessment to inform my teaching for optimal student outcomes. As a volunteer teacher assistant in foundation classrooms, I have been given the opportunity to practice and develop effective assessment strategies to inform planning for student learning. I have worked within several foundation classrooms and conducted running records of the students of a wide range of abilities. The running records that I have completed have been used as assessment as, for and of learning. When working with the foundation students, I encourage them to reflect upon their learning and make informed decisions about their learning goals. In doing this students are provided with an opportunity to focus their learning to a targeted goal of their choice which in turn promotes self-motivation and self-efficacy. My comprehensive running records are also used
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