The Importance Of Monitoring Students ' Progress

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Abstract This study was conducted to value the extreme of importance of monitoring students ' progress who undergo IEP. Using this imperative element of IEP guarantees that students are on the right track and what they are receiving such as services and education-related are appropriate to them. This term paper reach the conclusion that without keep an eye on students ' progress may lead to their academic failure or may raise some challenges. There are plenty of ways to monitor students ' progress such ass Curriculum-Baled instruction and Mastery Learning. Monitoring students ' progress through their IEP Most Students in general education achieve progress in their academic areas, and their progress differs from one another. However, their progress in general accomplishes academic success at the end of the school year. Unfortunately, some students ' academic progress gets lower than expected and raises a red flag and subject him or her to IEP meetings. Once a student is classified as a student with a disability due to his or her academic problems or failure he or she is designed an Individualized Educational Program. There are two fundamental elements in designing an IEP (Turnbull, Turnbull, Wehmeyer, & Park, 2003): 1- Individualization is a hallmark 2- IDEA requires student 's IEP involvement with and progress in the general education curriculum and address unique learning needs Each student 's educational learning is assessed on a regular basis such as every
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