The Importance Of Montpelier In Motion

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Montpelier is Vermont’s capital, and even the smallest capital in the US. (Albers, 268) The population in Montpelier 2014 was 7671 persons. (Factfinder) Montpelier is established as a city 1895. Montpelier is located in the north-central area of Vermont, and the city is surrounded by hills. The river Winooski River flows trough Montpelier. (Wikipedia)

In Montpelier the median age is 43,3 years. (Factfinder) In a study that had been sent out to Montpelier´s residents 2004 75% thought that Montpelier should make a safe bicycle transportation route for the people living in Montpelier. (Montpelier)

Montpelier in Motion is a pedestrian & bicycle plan for the city of Montpelier, which strives to make bicycling and walking more visible in the
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