The Importance Of Motivating The Workforce

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Motivating the Workforce Motivating the workforce is something many firms struggle with; defining what factors motivate individuals is something that requires personal knowledge and understanding of all employees. Ultimately one may ask why motivation is important to a workforce, “motivation can be seen as a source of positive energy influencing people’s lives” therefore discovering what motivates a workforce is a necessity to have highly success workforce (Hauser, 2014). Identifying the motivational needs of a workforce enables leadership to tailor factors like recognition, and inspiration to meet the demands of their employees. However, the identification of these factors is not simply a means of filling out a simple questionnaire or leadership making an assessment of an individual, truly knowing the member is required in order to properly motivate them. As previously discussed identifying the motivational needs of an individual is key to leadership engaging in behaviors that help fulfill these needs. In order to identify these needs all employees should be tasked to fill out a needs assessment survey. This survey will be a multifaceted questioner, focusing first on the basics parts from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ensuring individuals basic needs of physiological, safety, and belonging are being addressed. Once these basic needs are address, the focus of the survey will the shift into gaining understanding individuals motivating factors to achieve their ultimate
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