The Importance Of Motivation In Education

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Learning is so important to every people in the world. Learning is very important because when, we learn we get new knowledge in order we can know about everything that we do not know. There are adage that said learn until the grave, that is means if we can learn whenever from born to die. The formal educations where place we can learn are preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and university. Elementary school is school that has students age seven until twelve. Children who have age seven until twelve is children who like playing than learning because that is childhood for children. This case is a challenge for teachers in elementary school. Teachers have to think how to improve elementary school student learning motivation. Improving elementary school student learning motivation is so important in order students more like learning than playing. It is does not mean students should not be playing, it is so wrong if teacher think like that because elementary school is childhood. So, it is mean how to improving their learning motivation and reduce play. As we know if elementary school is childhood so they more like playing than learning, so it is better if teachers thinking something that can increase their motivations with something fun. In the childhood, children more like playing than learning because playing is fun. So, teacher should think how to improve elementary school motivation with that aspect. Improving
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