The Importance Of Motivational Theories

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What are motivational theories, and how can these theories help to motivate individuals within the workplace. Motivational theories were designed to drive people to be motivated, to meet company goals; and expectation within the organization. One of those theories is the hierarchy of needs, the second is hunters intrinsic/extrinsic theory; both theories would be beneficial in Bill Lawrence’s actions while helping him to become more motivation, self-sufficient; and accountable. While everyone has some form of need from time to time, some people also need some form of motivation; the usage of these motivational theories will help in meeting those expectations. So, what is a need and what is a motivation, “a need, in effect gives a person…show more content…
Because of these essential needs one is motivated to strive to achieve them, by working harder at meeting these goals through that of fulfillment and motivation; without the motivation, we don’t realize their maybe others that need to be fulfilled. That’s why we strive to stay motivated to encourage us to meet our next level within the hierarchy chain of needs, because people don’t give people their necessities to survive; they give people the opportunity to make a difference for themselves by earning their keep through the process of making money. Next is the safety need, like in the case of Bill Lawrence to keep his youngest child safe from danger; while his last born was away at college. This giving him peace of mind and security to know that he can go to work, and his child is being well care for and attended too while at college; giving him peace of mind and security. Another issue that Bill faced was the fear of belonging (or belonging needs), meaning he was afraid to speak up about his problem with another individual (such as his boss); in fear of the consequences that he may endure. Because he felt he needs to be with his child to stay bonded with him/her, while fulfilling his needs of being dependent on as his/her father; while building his self-esteem. But in Bill’s case this was stricken from him, as he saw his own child grow-up and no longer needing his/her fathers hand to guide him/her through life;
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