The Importance Of Multi Culture Curriculum

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A multi-culture curriculum is vital in exposing students to culture diversity, prejudices, biases and prejudice, help students understand and advocate for diversity awareness. This paper will focus on developing a multicultural curriculum to facilitate better learning for students. The curriculum will focus on incorporating many cultural concepts of different students in the school.
According to Boutte (2002) a multi-cultural curriculum clarifies issues of diversity such as race, gender, ethnicity, religion and language. Currently, schools use the mainstream traditional curriculum. Schools currently contain students who are very diverse in terms of culture such as race, religion, language, ethnicity, gender and language (Miller, 2001). These students come from different regions and countries. As such, it is very difficult for some to adapt to the American mainstream curriculum due to their diversity. Consequently, the current curriculum has very little aspects of diversity. It mostly suits the dominant group that is mainly the students of American origin, especially those who grew in uptown cities. Therefore, it is very difficult for the other students to identify with the American culture and thus learning is hindered. For example, students from Vietnam have very different passive learning patterns in relation to their American counterparts. Subsequently, teachers and other students don’t understand this and therefore view the Vietnamese as dump and stupid. The traditional curriculum also views Israeli students to be rude and obnoxious because they have a culture of openly criticizing a teacher when they feel like he is saying something wrong. These cultural aspects are affecting learning of the students. The teachers too have a hard way since they use the same teaching approach to such a different and diversified group. As such, it is necessary to address cultural diversity so as to create a balance and address the learning needs of all the students.
The plan to adapt the curriculum to include all students and families was developed to counter the problem of diversity. The traditional curriculum will be altered to even include subject content to include a multi-culture content. This will be achieved by
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