The Importance Of Multitasking Attention On Children Essay

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According to Kellogg, attention is being able to select certain aspects of an environment or certain thoughts. However, multitasking attention can become difficult to achieve because attention can either be selective or limited. A selective attention means that an individual can only focus on one stimuli, therefore, having to ignore surrounding stimuli. On the other hand, limited attention defines the maximum capacity an individual can retain information. Therefore, because attention is selective and limited, when dividing attention into two tasks it can lead to negative consequences (Kellogg, 2016). A real world example of an individual performing a task that requires divided attention is texting and driving at the same time. Therefore, due to restrictions on attention, which are selective and limited, cause sending a text message impair an individual’s driving performance. As a result, driving distractions are due to the effects of dividing attention into two actions which are composing a text message and maintaining the car in the designated lane. Rumschlag “et al.”, hypothesized that the age of the driver will influence how he or she is able to multitask texting and driving. Rumschlag “et al.”, experimental data analyzes the affects only on active texting while driving and not on the effects of not texting while driving. The dependent variable was Lane Excursions, which was measured by the various times the vehicle moved out from the intended lane.

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