The Importance Of Music And Freedom Of Censorship

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Music is one of the most essential influences in modern day development. It has ignited major reform to society, sparking social and political change. It has served as a medium for individuals to express their ardor, philosophy and emotion. Free music is upheld and granted by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which permits freedom of speech and expression. Today the integrity and fortification of free music is at stake from the clutches of censorship and penalization for controversial content. Today’s artists are under attack for their music, which is typically fixated on topics associated with sex, drugs, and violence. This is an inequitable and arbitrary disparagement of music considering its constructive influence on society. Free music, specifically explicit music, produces social and political development, instills a more constructive grasp on reality, and is upheld by the U.S. Constitution, and therefore music should be independent of censorship and such consequences restricting its freedom of speech and expression. First and foremost, explicit music instigated many social and political reforms, catalyzing anti-war efforts to the push for racial as well as gender equality. Throughout history, media has increasingly become a larger part of daily life. Its global influence escalated as industry flourished and streaming devices became widely common. Simultaneously platforms for media emerged during hard times in American history (Reitov). These hard times

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