The Importance Of Music Education

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Music education is a very important and basic part of general education, but now in China’s high school, teachers and students are not aware of the importance of music education. For instance, In China, students only have one music lesson a week and music lessons may be canceled at any time if other teachers want to use the music lesson for their own subject. What’s more, students didn’t take music lessons seriously, they always do some other things in music lessons like playing games, chatting with classmates or doing their homework for other subject. The reason why music lessons in China’s high school becomes like this situation is that there are many problems existed in China’s high school music education. Therefore, from my perspective, I think there needs to be a greater understanding of the importance of music education in China's high schools and the current music education there should change.

First and foremost, teachers use outdated teaching methods and students cannot concentrate on music lesson because of other academic tasks. For example, teachers always directly introduce the background of music works, accompaniment instruments and melody styles to students. They don’t care about if every student understands what they said. In this way, the music completely loses the sense of mystery and the students maybe seem to listen to it very carefully, but they actually already lost the curiosity of music. Also, students do not concentrate on the class, so they totally
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