The Importance Of Music

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The Importance of Music
Music is arguably one of the world’s most important universal languages. Documentation of music can be found as early as Biblical days and can be heard all around. Think about all the places one is exposed to music: radio, TV, elevator, stores, restaurants etc. Every culture and country has its own style of music and the importance of music is paramount to individuals in many ways. Music is so powerful it can create a visceral response by lowering the heart rate and decreasing stress levels (Wright, 2017). Evidence has also shown music to activate areas of the brain that are engaged during “Other euphoria inducing stimuli such as food, sex, and drugs of abuse” (Wright, 2017, p. 3). Music, sound perception – the most powerful sense, can impact the way one feels and behaves (Wright, 2017). With evidence proving to have an impact on the brain both physically and emotionally, supporting a 5% tax increase to fund both curricular and extracurricular programs will enhance student’s development and provide to them a well-rounded education.
Evidence Supporting Music in Schools In 2014, Marion Long conducted a study on the effects of rhythm-based music training on children’s reading ability. It was found as a result of the study that music had a profoundly positive impact on children’s ability to read. Of the students tested, after the music intervention, reading levels improved to correlate with his/her chronological age or exceeded their age
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