The Importance Of Music Therapy

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Music therapy should be more accessible because it stimulates brain functions and helps increase brain and motor functions, it offers a way to release stress and tension, and it helps people cope with problems and express themselves. People with depression and similar problems, often find comfort within musical therapy. Musical therapy should be more accessible to people with depression and other emotional disabilities. Often, musical therapy helps stimulate brain functions.

Musical therapy has the power to affect the brain and improve function. As heard on Talk of the Nation, “Science all but confirms that humans are hardwired to respond to music. Studies also suggest that someday music may even help patients heal from Parkinson’s disease or a stroke” (The Power, 1). Heard on Talk of the Nation, “We associate music with memories, Mannes says such techniques could also be helpful for Alzheimer’s patients” (The Power, 2). Humans are wired to cooperate with music, it has also been known to help with Alzheimer’s. As stated by Shirley Archer for Mind-Body-Spirit News, “Listening to music stimulates the brain and the body-mind connection and can reactivate speech centers of the brain, prompt memory and improve gait and coordination” (Archer, 1). In Laurel Trainor’s research, she states, “Those with some training showed larger brain responses on a number of sound recognition tests given to the children. Her research indicated that musical training appears to modify the brain’s
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