The Importance Of My Career In High School

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I am a student at El Cajon Valley high school. In this school, I have been enrolled for 2 years now. From the past years I had been explored on my knowledge; such as, how to write an essay, read, speak, and talk in English. It also helped me to graduate from high school and make my career before graduating from high school. Know I got an idea of what kind of career will be mine after graduating; furthermore, I learned that what requirement and skills do I need in order to graduate from high school. My career plan is that to get a diploma in high school and go to two years of community college. So far that two years that I had spent that in high school is really helpful and beneficial for me and my career. My effort and hard work that I put on my school work were really helped me in order to graduate from high school with a diploma. My main focus for being an educated person is to have a bright future. The other critical reason for me to get an education with a great GPA is important because my main point is to be a heart surgeon in my future, so far I can see that my goal for my future could be possible because I have a good GPA on my Science and Math subject which is really important to me in order to achieve my dream. MY hard work and potential that I put on my study always helped me out in order to graduate from high school with a diploma and go to a community college for two years. According to my College & Career Readiness Reflection, I had
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