The Importance Of My Culture

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All around the world there exists a myriad of many different cultures. Each differs from the next with unique characteristics that pertain to that specific culture. In spite of all the unique differences that make my culture mine and your culture yours. We all share commonalities in how we interact with each other. We let common principles and values influence and shape our interactions with those around us. It is also based upon those principles and values how we integrate and categorize individuals. Music is a perfect example of this. Being the universal language of the world, music has a great deal of influence on not only how we interact within our culture but also how we integrate. And is a perfect representation of where we are in culture and in society.
For thousands of years music has been an integral component to our creativity and development. Music serves as an escape route for many of us. Its somewhere where you can leave your most complex and personal thoughts for the world to see, or better yet listen. Or it can be where you let your mind float off into the tranquil melodic vibes of the song. Have you ever played one of your favorite songs and immediately felt your skin tighten up as hundreds of goosebumps emerged? I believe music is an art of its own as it is an outlet that gives you the power to express yourself and allow others to perceive and appreciate your art. It is a mirror of your emotions and aspirations. It is no wonder why we can't live without
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