The Importance Of My Day

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I start my day by walking in door number 2, walking through the lengthy Jr. High hallway, and entering the cafeteria. When I get into the cafeteria, I usually see my buddy, Sami. After a few minutes, my other pals, Bridget and Libby come, closely followed by Addie. The bell rings at precisely 8:05 and there is a mad rush as the Jr. High students rush to their lockers. Everybody starts hurriedly putting their belongings in their lockers to make it to their 1st period classes on time. My first period is Language Arts. When I get to Mrs. Harrison’s class I set my possessions down on my desk, which is the first one next to the side white board. I then go talk with my friends for the next 3-5 minutes. By this time, my other friend, Sophie, is there as well. She arrives at school later than the rest of us because her brother drives her and refuses to get to school any earlier than necessary. Usually around 8:14 and 30 seconds, I rush to my seat to be their on time. You can hear the chime of the intercom coming on, and we all stand to say the Pledge of Allegiance. The announcements continue with; events for the day, what is for lunch, birthdays, and a “joke of the day.” As the intercom clangs off, Mrs. Harrison comes to the front of the room to begin class. Depending on what we are doing, we might check an assignment from a prier day, read a story, take a quiz, or do a worksheet. Sometimes, when I am finished with my work, I become bored because I have no more work to do. If we
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