The Importance Of My High School Band

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I play the French horn in my high school band. Our band is small—only 25-30 members—but we are a family. Each class I see the determination on each person’s face to do well because there’s the constant pressure of letting the rest of the band down. Because we are so small, each person has to play to the absolute best of their abilities; each individual person needs to be a strong player in order for our band to sound good. I’ve played in larger bands on several occasions and I was shocked to see that some kids would just… not play. Our band cannot afford that leniency.
Our size in itself is a challenge. However, I have personal struggles within the band as well. There have only been two French horn players in my band for the entirety of my high school career: myself and the number one horn player in the state, Cross. My whole life I have played second to an amazing musician but while I improved by playing with him, I also never received any recognition for my personal achievements or was ever granted the primary leadership position.
I often struggle to comprehend how good of a player I am, especially because I have performance anxiety which hinders me during auditions and most performances. I constantly compare myself to this amazing player who auditions well, who is regularly being recognized for musical achievements, and who can never quite understand the concept of humility. He never understood my struggle, so I was left adrift in an overwhelming sea of ineptitude.
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