The Importance Of My Life After High School

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Graduating from high school is a milestone that forces one to make my future come true. I plan on going into the Military after high school because right after high school I don’t see myself going to college. I just need a break from it because I do not like doing homework at all. Also, school is getting boring because we don’t learn anything new, we mostly just learn the same things over again. While others may plan to go to college, after high school I intend to go to the Navy because I don’t see myself going to college right after high school. I plan to get a Bachelor Degree in something. So that is why I am going to the military to know what I will be doing. If I just go to college straight after high school I will not know what I will be doing there. Going to the military first is a great idea for me instead of going to college first. I just need a break from school and all of the paperwork.My goal is to learn what career I will be making my six years being in the military through work experience.
In the article,”Not Going to College is a Viable Option” says that “college, however, is not always the logical next step for high school graduates”(6). Schlack is telling people everybody does not always want to go to college right after high school. Some students don’t see themselves going to college right after. I have also taken NJROTC class that has taught me skills like leadership, and kindness. The last two years being in the NJROTC class, it taught me things about the
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