The Importance Of My Life

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My life has been a roller coaster. I have learned so much life lesson is just 23 years of my life. Some of them is that not everyone will like you, treat others the way you want to be treated, everything is possible. By the end of this paper you will learn about my struggling past, my life of the present and future I am working to accomplish.
The main timeline I learned about life was in elementary and middle school. Imagine being a child and felt like you aren’t being heard or ignored. The only way they can convey themselves is by throwing or hitting something? Honestly in my mind that was the only way anyone would listen or care. It became a habit that could have ruined my whole life. Except first grade, I learned nothing in school if I am to be honest. So, I am going to take you to a different memory where I learned how to remove this habit.
I call this place 4 walls it was where I spent most my time thinking and reflecting every time I had to go to these places. I learned coping skills that I would eventually learn to take with me. How throwing things just brings me back to 4 walls. Though surprisingly 4 walls weren’t that bad it was fun. School teachers here understood me, helped me learn, and made sure I had a childhood to remember. This part of my life I learned the meaning of the golden rule because if I was rude or mean to someone I got it right back but if I was kind with true smile I made the most best friends that I will never forget.
My past regrets? Now that I
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