The Importance Of My Professional Development As A Teacher

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This assignment will critically analyse and reflect on the poster, highlighting on the five relevant roles of my professional development as a teacher. It will further provide me with a framework in which the context of the poster (Appendix1) can set relevance, on how these roles can be experienced within the classroom environment of teaching and learning by linking different theories and strategies into practice.
The theme of this poster reflects on the Plato’s theory of “Allegory of the cave” (Appendices 1) that state philosophy of the human condition. The idea of this theory focuses on the educational methodology as we start to walk towards a new path, leaving behind our comfort zone, we always face distress and difficulties which make us unable to see the reality of the situation, but as we get closer to our goal, things start to become clearer. Consequently, this theory has enabled me to broaden my horizons and explore the world of learning and knowledge, which significantly plays a vital role as a professional.
One implication of my role (Appendix 1) is based on my vast experience working as a teaching assistant (TA) in primary school. I learned that teacher’s role is to facilitate learning, by adapting various roles, strategies and behaviours in ways to have an effective teaching and learning process. According to Mc Rories (2006) …the teacher has a wide range of skills in their teaching repertoires, including questioning, listening, reinforcing positive behaviour,
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