The Importance Of National Parks

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With ecological problems arising, national parks are seen as a staple in the cause of preservation. Humans created national parks for the purpose of preserving major areas of land to protect various species, vegetation, and the environment of that area. Because most parks contain intense scenic views, such as the Grand Canyon, many people travel from all over the world to visit them. This large influx of people made national parks major tourist attractions, which lead to the addition of manmade trails, paved roads, and other attractions to maintain tourism in the parks. The introduction of humans into these wild preserves created a controversy between various academics and raised the question of how humans impact national parks. Many see that humans and their machines cause great harm to the protected species, whether it is hikers causing damage to vegetation, the immense emissions released from over thousands of cars belonging to tourists, harm brought to animals through human error and littering, etc. Various academics see human impact within national parks as harmful and that the free reign of humans within parks should decrease. Yet, there are other academics that see human visitation in the parks as a benefit rather than a source of damage. Some academics believe that the national parks are under extreme threats due to the growing decrease in tourism. They argue that the visitor experience within national parks educates tourists on the varieties of endangered species and vegetation that they protect. Through education, they believe that parks will receive greater help from people to protect nature and its resources as time continues. In addition to educational purposes, a form of tourism called eco-tourism was created for the purpose of positively impacting national parks and surrounding environments through the use of tourism. As an avid hiker, I have witnessed several instances of the help and harm brought to national parks because of people. I have witnessed animals killed on the side of the paved roadways that were hit by cars, I have seen litter scattered around picnic areas, and I have seen how many people visit the parks on my vacation to the Grand Canyon. However, I would not be as
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