The Importance Of Natural Rights In Spain

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Have you ever heard of John Locke? Or, have you ever heard of John Locke's Philosophy? Well, if you haven't he was a famous 17th century English philosopher who believed that the government's main purpose was to protect all the natural right of their people. The natural rights are life, liberty and property, thankfully spain generally follows those guidelines. Spain first became a country in 1492 and is located on the Iberian peninsula in southwest Europe with a population of fifty million. The main language spoken in Spain is Castilian spanish at 74%. Other languages are spoken but are not as common as this type of spanish. Spain's form of government is called parliamentary constitutional monarchy and their Prime MInister's name is Mariano Rajoy.

The first out the the three natural rights is called the protection of life. Based on Locke's Philosophy Protection of life mean the people have the right to survive and to not be harmed. In Spain the murder rate is about 390 people per year which is ranked 39 out of 89 states,therefore the government does a decent job at protecting the number of people from getting murdered. According to one of my sources Spain is one of the safest European countries to visit. The most common crimes in Spain are when locals steal or pickpocket from the tourist, but the more serious crime is domestic violence. About 40 women are killed each year from their spouses or partners from domestic violence. According to Spain's court system more than 1

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