The Importance Of Need For Achievement As A Motivation Driver

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Significance of the Study This study contributes to knowledge as well as the literature, this was because the research results will devote the empirical data for literature review and helped to define and enhance the importance of need for achievement as a motivation driver so employee will be satisfied and advocated with the organization and will give high level of performance to the organization. This study also important for Adventist Hospital foundation and management to realize with a need for achievement of every individual in enhancing satisfaction, advocacy and employee performance. Therefore, Adventist Hospital foundation and leaders can use this study as keys to determine the factors of achievement that should be rewarded to employees in order to enhance and rectify their satisfaction, advocacy and job performance at their workplace. These study findings are important for managers and human resource management department to recognize and manage the important point of need for achievement, employee satisfaction and employee advocacy that will engage employees ' performance at the workplace. When the employees need for achievement, satisfaction and advocacy fulfilled, they will perform the highest level of performance. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH METHODOLOGY There are a lot types of research methodology. One of the basic types of research methodology are qualitative and quantitative research according to Kothari (2004:3), “quantitative research is based on
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