The Importance Of Negotiation And A Business Environment

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1.1 Explain the importance of negotiation in a business environment Negotiation is the route in which two individuals or businesses go through in order to reach an outcome or result that is mutually beneficial, this is usually done through either compromise or agreement. Negotiation can be used when a business is buying/selling products/services staffing or compiling contracts. Businesses will try to get the best outcome for themselves, however it is important to be able to compromise or give and take as occasionally a deal could be lost as the business has stood firm. All businesses will need to negotiate at some point, without negotiation discontent or conflict may occur, and the main reason negotiation is used is to avoid this, and to…show more content…
I would then speak to the assessor and get some suitable dates for them to visit the placement. I would then ring the learner and discuss with them the alternate dates and try to negotiate times which would be suitable for them to get the exam to be rebooked. By doing this I am using an Integrative approach to get the best outcome for both the assessor and the learner. Negotiation may also be used by Cheryl if Smart Training is setting up new contracts with outside contractors, thinking of changing awarding bodies or local businesses for office supplies. 1.2 Explain the features and uses of different approaches to negotiation To negotiate well you need to have the following features: Well prepared – whoever is negotiating must be prepared for any situation the opposite party may want to discuss and be able to analyse them and offer counter opinions in order to reach a mutually advantageous outcome can be found. Critical, logical and methodical - This is important as it helps the person negotiating to think in a clear and consistent manner. They will be objective and not be influenced by personal prejudices. They will be able to break the subjects being discussed down into basic principles and carefully evaluate before making a judgment. Active listener – it is important to be focussed during conversation as this will help whoever is involved to find and identify possible areas of compromise. Verbal communicator - It is vital that good
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