The Importance Of Neoliberalism In Human Service Work

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The social policies implemented within human service work are used as a tool for allocating resources to achieve desired outcomes from the dominant discourses in society. These have changed over the past fifty years due to a shift in different values, ideologies and philosophies. This has impacted upon the service delivery of human service organizations and how fairly resources have been distributed to individuals, groups and communities in need of support. Through the use of critical thinking, reflection and analysing these human service organizations, this essay will explain that despite the negative influence that neoliberalism has had upon the state of human services, it has become an opportunity for social change.

Human services were developed as a response to societies unequal levels of resource distribution and the tensions related to their social and economic arrangements (O’Conner, Wilson & Setterlund 1998). This refers to human service work as providing social and welfare support from government, community based and non-profit organizations to relieve individuals, groups and communities of the tensions faced within their social arrangements or structures (O’Conner, Wilson & Setterlund 1998). Since the global financial crisis and the acceptance of neoliberal views from the state, this contradicts the philosophies of social justice in a human service framework as neoliberalism can stem into social control (Carson & Kerr 2017). Social control is described as
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