The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

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Communication without the use of words is what we call “Nonverbal communication”. There are different four different forms of nonverbal communication. The four major forms would be; proxemics, touch, kinesics, and paralanguage. According to theorists, nonverbal communication can only take place if you’re displaying gestures that are seen by someone else, communication will not take place if you’re presenting gestures alone by yourself. Showing gestures does give a person certain benefits. For examples, practicing nonverbal cues will allow you to understand others more and the way you want to be understood. The more you properly practice sending nonverbal messages your popularity will increase and others might think this makes you more attractive. The power and the importance of nonverbal communication can help get your feelings across when words can’t. We can display subtle or strong emotions through simple gestures that we may or may not have intended. Of course, there are some nonverbal gestures that are more obvious than others, such as smiling, frowning, or rolling of the eyes are more clear ones. Gestures that include body positioning that would be less obvious and could be unconscious, some brief examples would be standing close to a person that you’re smitten with or leaning closer when a speaker is talking about a topic that interests you. Another example of nonverbal and unconscious behavior would be pupil dilation, although pupil dilation can have a few different
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