The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

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Our body language is one that can also cause for confusion, misunderstanding, or even be helpful in making our verbal communication more impactful. Body language, in my opinion, is one of the most subconscious ways we communicate nonverbally. Our facial gestures, our hand gestures, our posture are all things we intrinsically pick up through our life experiences. Facial features are one of the most easily understood, and are universally recognized [7.]. The facial feedback effect is an interesting twist on facial features. The facial feedback effect states that our facial muscle triggers corresponding feelings. Essentially, nonverbal communication can communicate feeling or dictate them. Eye-contact provides information about the emotional state of a person. When someone is not able to look you in the eye when they are being asked incriminating questions, one may be interpreted as a liar, or making eye contact could make you appear more truthful. Another example of eye contact importance is when someone does not make eye contact when expressing emotion, they may be interpreted as sad or afraid. Posture, gesture, and movement also convey a lot of information. The way a person stands, holds themselves in different situations, and the way they walk can convey information about mood and confidence [1, 2]. Even the way a person dresses and the objects they carry with them are often used to convey messages about who they are and how they perceive themselves to others [2]. There
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