The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

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Communication has been described as a flow of information between two parties principally between a source and a receiver. Communication is a any behavioral approach that can come in the verbal, nonverbal or graphic form that is sent by one and receive by another. Communication demonstrates our ability to interact and influence others in a useful way. Successful people are not only proficient in their own fields but also communication oriented and possessed a quality to demonstrate professional behavior, awareness, sympathy and concern for a office. An organization wants its employees to possessed a wide range of communication skills this skills may include communication in a diverse workforce, organizing ideas and knowledge for self and…show more content…
Head up, back straight (not Rigid) suggests an upright character and it has more type such as body movement, eye contact, and touch. As communication has four different types, first one is, intrapersonal communication and it is a type of communication as it takes place takes place between two or more than two peoples by using the means of communication. Interpersonal communication is a second type of communication, which occurs in small groups or between two people in one to one basis, giving instructions to the staffs; costumer relations and feedback are the examples of this communication. Public communication is the third type and can be defined as a situation that includes an organization communication with multiple receivables Simultaneously. Examples of this kinds of communications can be a staff newsletter, video clips on YouTube or in the form of reports, so it is a public face of company. So final type of communication is mass communication it is a simply the process of conveying of message to a large number of people for instance, public relations, annul reports, advertisings and webcasts are all types of mass communication. In communication there are five types of barriers 1.stereotypes and prejudice :It is a way of organizing phenomena into meaningful is type of barrier where there is no information or small information and creates a negative towards a group.
2.cultural practices: while an arrangement of practice may not be
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