The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication

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1. Nonverbal rules that govern our nonverbal behavior. • North Americans speak in higher volumes without lengthy pauses in their speech (paralinguistic) • People tend to stand far apart and have minimum physical contact while having a conversation, depending on a relationship (noncontact culture) • People tend to smile very often, depending on scenario (facial expression) • It is very common to wear a hat everywhere and dress casually for most occasions (physical appearance) • Eye contact is used to make sure that the message was understood or to show that you are paying attention (eye contact) • Monochromic concept of time, punctuality is highly valued (time orientation) • Silence is considered a negative behavior (silence) 2. a) Last Saturday, I went to a car dealership to see the kinds of deals available. I used silence and lengthy pauses to see what kind of reaction I would get out of the salesman. b) In most of my previous experiences, the salesman would be very talkative and ask lots of personal questions to continue a conversation throughout the showing of a vehicle. At times, I felt uncomfortable because I could see how this person had a hard time figuring out whether I liked anything that he was trying to sell to me. It seemed like I was gaining a reputation of a difficult customer. c) This awkward silence made the salesman very uncomfortable; he gave out more information than other salesman did on any previous occasion. It sounded like he was trying to
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