The Importance Of Nuclear Violence And Gun Violence

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Imagine this, you’re walking down the street and you see a groups of kids, maybe in thirteen years old, waiting in bush with a very devious look in there eyes. In his hands is what looks to be a gun. You slowly step back, turn around, and walk as fast as you can. After like ten seconds, you hear a scream. When you look back you see another kid, the same age, with a huge water stain in the center of his shirt screaming, “God dang-it!”. Well you might be wondering what in the world just happened? They were part of a role playing game from there school. Role playing game with simulated violence had been getting an up roar over the past years, taking place in middle school more than anywhere else. Many people are for it. And many people are against it. Well, role playing games with simulated violence can be parlous teens because it promotes gun violence, It is very influential, and it can be taken way too far.

Role playing games with simulated violence promotes gun violence. So my question is: is it right to teach teens that gun violence is okay? Well role playing games with simulated violence does just that. the text entitled “The Great Office War”, man didn’t like that one of his coworker was incisively clicking his pen. So, he shot him. No, he didn’t really shoot him, but the impact is still there. Although the man was shot be a nerf gun gun, the idea of shooting someone that you don’t like is still presented as being okay. This prompts to teens that violence is the answer
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