The Importance Of Nursing Theories In Nursing

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Why is research on past nursing theorist intergraded into nursing education today? How are nursing theories and theorist from the 19th century relevant today? It’s the 21st century and nursing has change substantial over the past three centuries. Nurses are no longer the starched white uniform dress wearing, doctor’s little helpers that they use to be. The field of nursing has graduated from all white dresses and white stockings with caps to more functional scrubs and relaxed rules about cosmetics and jewelry. Nurses now communicate important information about patients to doctors and provide input into treatment plans. The scope of practice for nurses had been outlined to allow nurses to make more independent decisions and follow the nursing process to deliver life saving measures, so what could we possibly have in common with nurses from 200 years ago. Nursing was new then, what could those nurses possibly have known that technology has not innovated today. The writer of this paper was shocked to find out that her antagonistic attitude toward researching theory was unfounded. There is actually a lot to learn from our nursing predecessors. The innovator of nursing theories was Florence Nightingale. There is a reason this name rings a bell even amongst people who are not members of the medical profession. She singled handedly changed nursing as we know it. There was a time when the name Florence Nightingale would have drawn a blank but in 2007 the writer’s significant other
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