The Importance Of Nutrition And Childhood Obesity

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The Importance of Nutritional Education to Childhood Obesity Recent data has shown an inclusive increase in the volume of obese children in the United States. Obesity is not something that just affects adults, it can has been seen in children as young as 18 months. This increase is highly prevalent with the increasing growth of fast food chains and government funding for school lunches. The growth of large business cooperation’s has spiked a growth of processed foods over non processed, organic foods, as well as an increased portion size. Obesity is not something that just affects adults, it can has been seen in children as young as 18 months. In earlier years people believed obesity was something a child would grow out of, but this is…show more content…
Fast-food establishments have such strong influence on that, the same study showed being in enrolled in a school within in a half of a mile establishment is associated with a .10 unit increase in BMI. Fast-food also influences the diet choices of children and adolescents outside consuming fast food products. Fast food presence drastically changes a child’s eating habit and preferences of food. The choices at these fast-food organizations are calorie high in fats and low in ingestion of fruits and eatables “Attending schools located near a fast-food restaurant had significantly lower odds of reporting that they consumed vegetables or juice” (Davis & Carpenter, 2009). The U.S. food industries have created insatiable children who will turn into adults who think it’s good to overindulge, due to the way they advertise and prey on sources like the internet, schools and television. The Fast-food companies unhealthy influences combined with poor school nutrition feed childhood obesity at an alarming rate. Marketing of food to children on the internet is even more complex since the boundaries between content and pure advertising is often less clear than on television. Only a minority of advertisers include reminders distinguishing content from pure advertising. A large amount of Food brands that advertise
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