The Importance Of Nutrition And Supportive Environment

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1000 days of development- Global context

The first 1000 days of life is defined as the duration starting from period of conception up to 2 years of child age.After several evidences have been found that nutrition plays an extremely important role in the early childhood development, to be specific, within 1000 days of period between conception to 2nd Birthday of child(1), the global movement of The First Thousand Days has started in 2010 in Washington DC. (2)

The effect of receiving sufficient nutrients and support during this 1000 days opportunity window does not end at 2 years of age but does have long-term impact.(2). It is very important to have enough nutrition and supportive environment in the early childhood since it is a period where the vital development is growing. (3)

It can increase the cognitive and motor development through brain development and encouraging the growth, strengthen social performance, learning capacity at the individual level (2-8). Being a healthy child with supportive environment lead to decrease in mortality and morbidity(4, 8). Education and being healthy encourages less dependency on welfare, greater success at school and higher rates of employment, greater involvement in society and less anxiety, lesser rates of chronic non-communicable diseases leading to increase in GDP by as much as 12% and productivity since every one-dollar investment in 1000 days return 48 dollars. (2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10). More importantly, by promoting the children to…
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