The Importance Of Obedience, And Purity Of Worship

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A promise kept, military advancement, faith, a land gift, courage, the importance of obedience, and purity of worship. These are just a few of the important themes identified in the book of Joshua. Joshua is the sixth book in the Greek and English Bible; and the first of the twelve historical books. In the Hebrew Scriptures, Joshua is listed as the first book in the “former Prophets” section . The book of Joshua is a history book, containing the account of God fulfilling His promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the rest of the Israelites. Through this historical narrative we see a faithful God deliver on a promise made hundreds of years earlier, a new leader come into his own as he leads his people into Canaan and we come to understand the extreme importance of reading, meditating on and obeying the Word of God. In this book Joshua tells us how Israel went from a nomadic lifestyle to a nation at rest in a permanent land. It all starts off with God commissioning Joshua as the new leader of the Nation of Israel. Next, instead of seeing an unbroken string of military successes and conquests, we read about the high and low points of the nation’s growing possession of Canaan . From a literary point of view the author of this book uses the narrative style. There is also evidence of installation genre, and phrase repetition. Verses 1-9 of chapter are the account of God commissioning Joshua as the new leader of Israel. The commissioning has two parts. First is the promises

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