The Importance Of Observation To Work With Students

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Having worked with students who possess behavior concerns, I had a good foundation to transition into Golden Oaks. Having started to work with my students, I have become aware of the different knowledge and supports needed to best support my students which is something that is challenge. Likewise, with every student having a very detailed and tailored behavior intervention plan, I need to know each plan when interacting with the students to run them correctly. Taking on this challenge, I have found myself continuously reviewing behavior plans and self-reflecting on my interactions with students, especially when dealing with students in times of crisis. Another challenge has been creating and developing my fundamental understanding of what instruction and practice looks like in an autism/functional skills room. Having limited experience working within those rooms, a challenge…show more content…
While I previously thought much of my work was going to be mediating difference and situations between students, I have found that this is also present when dealing with staff. Another was that as an administrator I would not being having as much contact with students as before. Thankfully, this assumption was not correct as I have had the ability to consistently work with students in a variety of settings. Another observation is the importance of a positive school and home relationship. Having known the importance as a teacher, I feel that it is now different as an administrator. Being new, my first interactions were positive to begin the relationship which was needed for the not-so positive interactions later to come. I feel like I need to continue to connect and build the positive relationship with parents and I feel that my other administrators are helping keeping me accountable for this
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