The Importance Of Occupational Health And Safety At The Workplace

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McGill School of Continuing Studies Human Resources Management (ORGB 423) Professor: Maha Daoud Occupational Health and Safety INTRODUCTION Health and Safety are the topics of utmost importance related to work and environment. Occupational Health and Safety is an area concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in employment. Employers are always expected to take the moral responsibility of assuring the safety and welfare of their employees. The purpose of my research paper is to emphasize on the importance of Occupational Health and Safety at the workplace. About 4/5th of the employed workforce considers health and safety as the number one priority related to their job when compared to wages, sick leaves and other benefits. I will use my internship experience at Halliburton this past summer to lay the foundation of my research paper. Halliburton,
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