The Importance Of Occupational Health

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Occupational Health is the protection and the promotion of the health of the worker, the identification and control of health hazards in work places including those not only of physical, chemical and biological nature but also psycho-social factors that may have harmful effects on health and productivity of workers ( Torp, S. & Moen, 2013). Zain Abbas, et al (2014) mentioned that occupational health is the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental & social wellbeing of workers in all occupations”. Occupational health and safety is a multidisciplinary approach that is basically concentrated upon the health, safety and welfare of the people that are employed at work (Schuster, 2011). Safe working environment gives a plenty of benefits directly and indirectly. The direct beneficiaries are the workers themselves and also the firm. Generally consumers, contractors, insurers, families and society are the indirect beneficiary of occupational safety (Mossink, 2012). Occupational health and safety can be helpful in improving the employability of workers with the better workplace design, provision of a healthy and safe work environment, training and assessment of work demands, medical checkup , health screening and evaluation of practical capacities (Qamar et al., 2014). A healthy worker is essential for sustainable societal and economic development on a universal, public and local level. The traditional approach to maintain health and safety in
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