The Importance Of Online Education Less Effective Than Traditional Education

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Online Education is Less Effective than Traditional Education
Education is the key to success. Traditional education is known as basic form of education that teaches all students morals and self-discipline. This form of education helps students to acquire progressive knowledge in class which helps students to be more disciplined and cultured in their individual lives. Traditional education also focuses on building confidences and self-esteem for students whereby online education is a form of education that is delivered and administrated to students by using the internet. Online education is less effective than traditional education because it enhances lack of memory and learning development and it prevents student motivation.
Learning is done through the acquisition of knowledge or skill through experience, study, or by being taught. To gain or acquire knowledge one needs to be taught by someone who is experienced and has all the knowledge and skill to impact into others. Many students who prefer online education to traditional education lack memory and learning development. Learning practically, and making practical incitation’s and demonstrations helps students have a fair idea of what is being taught in class by their tutors. Online education does not pave the way for students to be active and learn in a broader way. Online education slows down many students and make them prevents them from thinking very fast to answer or solve a simple question, because,
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