The Importance Of Oppression In America

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Indigenous people had their tribes and land taken away by the colonized that came from Europe. This includes Native Americans, Hispanic land and African lands becoming invaded and oppressed. “Oppression refers to the exercise of power to keep others in a state of subjection and to treat them unjustly by denying what is due them as their right by virtue of their humanity.” (Nader Saiedi) People have faced oppression for hundreds of years for countless different reasons. When we hear the horrid stories explaining why people were dehumanized- we may think that these “reasons” are illogical or unjustifiable. Yet back in time they were reasonable. If you were poor, colored, A woman or had different religious beliefs there was a reason to attack that specific group and deny them the basic rights. Now as a developed nation we have rioted, protested and died for equality. In Heckler’s Inaugural Address he speaks about equality and Valparaiso University as one. We all deserve the same rights as a black person, white person, homosexual or heterosexual. It does not matter where we come from or what we believe in because we are all entitled to the same legal and social powers. Education equality is one of the most important kind of right. Education is the only ticket out of minimum wage jobs, poverty and oppression. Education is powerful because it gives us credibility, knowledge and equality. As Nelson Mandela once said: Education is the great engine of personal development. It is
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