The Importance Of Organizational And Administrative Practices

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If I were to define the word stress, I would say that it is anything that puts mental and physical strain on the body to get something done. There are different types of stress and people handle it in unalike ways. Ordinary people don’t have to worry about the very principles of running the country compared to the president, the house of representatives, the senate and even the power under that include judges and police officers that have to maintain the crime that happens around the United States. Stress affects police officers the most; it can come in a number of directions. The four general areas of police work that contribute to stress are: organizational and administrative practices, the criminal justice system, the public, and stressors intrinsic to police work (Peak, pg. 154-155). Organizational and administrative practices are the primary source of stress for police officers. The departments are either bureaucratic and authoritarian in nature and this affects officers in two divergent ways. In any police organization it’s required to have very strict and stern rules that they must follow. These rules are put in place to show the officers that they do have boundaries and if they are overstepped then there will be consequences; these rules are dictated by top management (Peak, pg. 155). Line officers and first line supervisors rarely have any input to their jobs making them feel self worth and powerless. When officers can’t voice their opinion and stand up for
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