The Importance Of Organizational Culture And Quality Control Standards

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This quality review follows the control standards outlined in the auditing textbook (Alvin et al., 2012). The following sections include my professional opinions and recommendations of the quality control procedures at Abernethy and Chapman.
Leadership Responsibilities
Organizational culture is an important determining factor in the way in which the quality control standards are adhered to. According to the information provided, yourself and the other partners at Abernethy and Chapman, believe in continued emphasis on high quality auditing and accounting services. These beliefs are imperative in producing suitable audit and review engagements. However, when it is busy employees are moved from their area of expertise to aid other areas within the firm. This could have a negative impact on the degree of quality of the audits and review engagements being performed as potentially less experienced employees are working in these areas. This could also lead to employees reviewing their own work. For example, if an employee that had been performing an audit was then moved to review the same audit, they may feel inclined to give their own work a positive review. When individuals review their own work they may also miss the same mistakes they had made in the first place. A fresh set of eyes and a second opinion helps to ensure these types of mistakes are caught. Management must evaluate whether there are risks of poor independence, experience and/or objectivity. If so, these employees
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