The Importance Of Organizational Excellence, Communication, And The General Well Being Of The Company

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The key to organizational excellence is communication. Within the communication of a company I believe that it is important to exercise honesty, concern and the general well-being of the company. To do this you need to have the companies’ highest knowledgeable ranking members involved. When a company’s highest ranking members are properly verse on communication excellence, the company will excel faster. During a crisis, companies should have a plan implemented where they assign roles to each individual matching their needs. The more effectively companies like Hockaday are prepared the better control they will have.
Question #1
Some of Hockadays communication that I believed displayed excellence was when Jill’s management team reviewed data. The team then discussed if it was time to make companywide changes by trying to find better, more effective ways to way to improve their customer service during peak troubleshooting periods. I felt that this was a good example of integrating perspectives, because Hockaday had a goal of preforming better during peak times and wanted to see how people, technologies, and environments integrate to influence goal-directed behavior (p 84). I also felt they showed excellent communication by comparing data from two of their competitors and noticing the differences, then taking a different approach by using a virtual team. Next I felt they showed good use of skills competency when Jill asked Ruggero to include some of the more seasoned employees…
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